Step Five

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5.11  Admitted to God to Ourselves and to Another Human Being not used
5.12  The Exact Nature of Our Wrongs not used
Plano Step Study
5.A  Admitting  
5.B  The Exact Nature  
5.C  Resentment List  
5.D  Admitting to Myself  
5.E  Admitting to the Losses  
5.F  Our Reaction to Loneliness and Abandonment  
5.G  Our Reaction to Neglect  
5.H  How Shame Has Caused Problems in Our Lives  
5.I  Misuse of Anger and its Consequences  
5.J  Improper Reactions to Hurt  
5.K  Misdirected Hungers  
5.L  How Fear Has Kept Us from Doing the Right Things  
5.M  When to do the Fifth Step not necessary
5.N  Acceptance  
5.N  Remaining Questions