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Step Six

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6.13  Defects of Character  
6.14  Were Entirely Ready to Have God Remove All  
6.A  Bad Habits vs. Defects  
6.B  Defects of Character  
6.C  Resentment and Rage  
6.D  Envy, Greed and Lust  
6.E  Self Righteousness & Perfectionism  
6.F  Selfishness and Self Centeredness  
6.G  Sloth, Procrastination  
6.H  Instinctive Reflex  
6.I  Expectations and Isolating  
6.J  Buttons People Push  
6.K  Attributes in Balance  
6.L  Willingness and Fearfulness  
6.M  Childhood Events
6.O  Seeking Power, Avoiding Power  
6.Final Taking Step Six