Gathering storm over cemetery, Eagle, Nebraska


Step Four

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4.9  Made a Fearless and Searching Moral  
4.10  Inventory of Ourselves  
Plano Step Study
4.A First Impressions of What This Step Means  
4    Revised Step 4 Worksheet
4.B  What Does it Mean to do a Moral Inventory?  
4.C Inventory-Actions  
4.D  Or of Our "Selves"  
4.E  Improper Reaction to Loss and Disconnected from Self?  
4.F  Our Reactions to Loneliness and Abandonment  
4.G  Our Reaction to Neglect  
4.H How Shame Has Caused Problems in our Lives  
4.I Misuse of Anger and its Consequences  
4.J Improper Reactions to Hurt  
4.K Misdirecting Hungers  
4.L How Fear Has Kept Us From Doing the Right Things  
4.M The Impact of all this on our Spiritual Lives